In 2001, the York Suburban Communities That Care Alliance (YS CTC) was officially formed. Our purpose is to unite families, school officials, area organizations, local government, and law-enforcement agencies to nurture a healthier, safer, and more positive community. 


The Communities That Care system is a research-based, national coalition that fosters an approach proven to prevent and reduce adolescent risk factors, including drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, violence, school drop-out and delinquency, and teenage pregnancy.


Additionally, the YS CTC Alliance is a proactive program that promotes diversity acceptance, school-based mentoring, and positive community events. 


The YS CTC Alliance is a community-based initiative that does not receive funds from the school district but instead relies on donations from area residents and businesses. 


"YS CTC is about ... community members who care about the challenges of our young people," said Robert Woods, past president, YS CTC Alliance.


President: Greg Kern

Vice President: Donald Hoover

Secretary: Linda Levans 

Treasurer: Sussy Tjandra 

Immediate Past President: Jill Urey


Board Members at Large

Rachel Andricos

Jack Bentivegna, D.M.D.

Juliana Farah

Tiffany Hagmann

Rich Robinson

Alison Sprankle

Police Chief George Swartz

Sgt.Rick Thompson

Ben Weaver

Timothy Williams, Ed.D.



Brodi Zimmer